North Campus Parking Deck

  • architecture, higher education
  • architecture, higher education
  • architecture, higher education
Location:    Athens, Georgia
Size:    400,000 SF
Budget:    $8,600,000
Completion:    1998
The University of Georgia North Campus Parking Deck is built into a dramatic sloping site.  The seven story structure is capable of housing 1200 cars.

The deck borrows its gentle curve from South Jackson Street, which borders it to the east.   When viewed by a pedestrian or motorist on South Jackson Street, the far end of the deck curves back on itself and out of view.  By reducing its perceived length, the curve helps minimize the visual impact of such a large building on campus.

The post-tensioned concrete structure is clad in oversize brick, silver metal panel and aluminum grille.  This sleek palette of materials combines with a refined form and hi-tech detailing to offer a refreshing spin on the function of parking.