Integrated Design, Atlanta Architects

As an Integrated Design Practice, we have a strong inclination to blur the lines between Architecture, Interior Design, and Environmental Graphic Design. Unlike most design firms, we seamlessly blend these disciplines throughout the design process. We staff our projects and project teams with members from each discipline, assuring the overall design, inside and out, presents a unified vision. Following this approach, we believe that a good design can become a great one.

Some firms are organized such that each discipline is its own distinct entity. In other firms these departments reside in non-contiguous work environments or on completely separate floors. In our integrated approach, everyone works side by side in project studios, allowing for maximum communication and collaboration. Each is able to contribute to the design as it evolves, providing the cross-pollination and exchange of ideas that lead to stronger solutions and dynamic building programs.

The talent that makes up our professional staff includes an extremely diverse group of architects, interior and graphic designers, many who have additional degrees in fields as varied as Business, Fine Arts, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Industrial Design, and Information Technology. Our collective experience, versatility, and technical depth consistently result in innovative, award-winning projects and positive, enduring client relationships.