Design Philosophy, Atlanta Architect

The Power of Place

What does place mean to an increasingly global working environment? Though our firm’s home is Atlanta, one look at the projects gathered throughout our website reveals projects built around the country. We are fully dedicated to giving each one the attention needed for a seamless fit with the local community fabric. Whether it is a research facility at a university, a new or existing hospital campus, or an art museum – every site brings its own set of special challenges to the creation of a memorable building.

We take the responsibility of bringing a building into the world very seriously. As architects, we make drawings that turn into built reality and change the landscape. With careful consideration of all the forces acting on a place, from geographic to economic to social, we can help you give shape to your surroundings. We live and work in buildings. We spend hours between walls and under a roof. We believe that our surroundings play an important part in the way we think about and interact with the world. Our goal is to help create powerful places that demonstrate our respect for the community, culture and resources invested in extraordinary architecture.

As a strong idea firm, we seek creative solutions in order to create refined architectural expressions. We create unique facilities of energy and grace. As individuals, and as an organization, we are committed to:

•    Providing consistently superior design services
•    Fostering ingenuity and innovation
•    Conducting business with integrity and candor
•    Developing long-term client relationships
•    Contributing to the community that has allowed us to thrive