Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art

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Location:    Kennesaw, Georgia
Size:    10,000 SF
Budget:    $2,500,000
Completion:     2014
Current Phase:    Construction

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Kennesaw State University envisions its museum as a cultural resource not only for the campus community but for the greater Atlanta area as well – the latter being something of a new undertaking for the school. Thus, it was essential that the building make a bold architectural statement, and serve as a landmark for visitors. The university leadership also explicitly sought a structure to contrast with and enliven the subdued design of the overwhelmingly red brick existing campus.

On a site visible from a principal entrance drive, the concept achieves these goals with the dramatic geometry and transparency of its facade, with its monumental staircase, and by rotating off the campus’ dominant rectilinear grid. This angled orientation is emphasized by the larger mass of the existing Bailey Performance Center immediately behind, to which the new building will be joined, and for which it will provide a new reception space.

In addition to changing exhibitions, the museum will be the venue of the university’s significant collection of sculpture by the late Ruth Zuckerman. Many of these pieces will be installed in the gardens through which visitors will pass as the approach the arts complex established with the addition of the museum building.

Narrative by Jonathan Lerner