Amani Medical Center and Children’s Hospital: Bringing state-of-the-art care to western Africa

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The African Children’s Hospital (ACH) will be a non-profit, free-standing pediatric academic medical center with an adjacent wing for women’s care. The beautiful 27-acre site has been master planned to address the initial hospital as a 164-bed facility with associated outpatient clinics, and further room for expansion. The campus was designed with patients and families in mind.

From every public space to every patient room, the award-winning Stanley, Beaman, and Sears design team utilized evidence-based design principles to create a child friendly, family centered, safe and therapeutic healing environment. The result is a carefully created, world class, state-of-the-art facility that would effectively serve the needs of women and children in Africa.

Design Concepts
• The gentle curve on the interior of the building represents the symbolic strength and wisdom of the Ashanti stool, while forming a funneling view of the beautiful mountain range throughout the length of the atrium.
• The atrium has elevated corridors, or bridges, spanning from the clinic to the bed tower and surgical spaces, providing privacy, but also beautiful views into the lively atrium and mountains beyond.
• Solar panels on the atrium’s roof help store back up energy while letting diffused light into the atrium (between the panels).
• The patient rooms are located on the northwest end of the center, facing the mountains, allowing for therapeutic tranquil views for the patients and their families.
• The building façade and site’s modular rhythm represents the undulating and alternating patterns and colors of Ghana’s Kente cloth in a subtly articulated manner.
• The sister buildings have a similar patterning represented in their stone work. The window openings are deep and setback, helping to shade the openings, and the solid buildings are similar in nature to traditional heavy masonry buildings this region of the world.

Project Data
• Project location: Accra, Ghana, West Africa
• Project square footage: 379,809 square feet
• Site size: 27 acres
• Spacious private rooms with overnight accommodations
• 48 medical surgical Pediatric beds
• Emergency Services: 10-bed emergency department and trauma center, 8 observation beds, 6 fast-track beds, 8 operating suites: six equipped and 2 shelled
• 12-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
• 24-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
• 32-bed Triage/Observation/LDR
• 48 medical surgical beds
• 3 Cesarean Section Suites
• Incorporating environmentally friendly technology
• State-of-the-art technology
• Paperless information management system
• Friendly and warm interior and exterior colors